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Voyceworks is a leading provider of language agnostic speech recognition technologies and related solutions for enterprises.


In simple words, if your field, warehouse or manufacturing plant workforce uses major languages, local dialects, technical terms or any combination of these, Voyceworks can help them use speech recognition for a large array of inventory management tasks - requesting material, managing stocks and pick-lists, complete daily activity reports - all by simply speaking into their Android Mobile Phones and without worrying about the ambient work environment noise. Think this will help your workforce?



At Voyceworks, our patented voice recognition algorithms - developed specifically to recognise speech with multiple languages, dialects and accents - help industry leading companies convert speech to Business Actionable Transactions (BAT).

The Voyceworks solution can easily integrate into your existing enterprise system or work from your workforce's existing mobile phones as an app.

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Freedom of Speech@Work

"The ability of an individual to efficiently complete business transactions is no more limited by her knowledge of a specific language spoken with a particular accent."


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